Depending on the weather conditions during the week of the course an evening-tour through the Sofia city centre will be organised. More information will be given later.

One of the oldest cities in Europe, the history of Sofia (Thracian name Serdika, ancient Bulgarian name: Sredetz) can be traced back some 7000 years - prehistoric settlements were excavated in the centre of the present city. The well preserved town walls (especially their substructures) from antiquity date back before the 7th century BC, when Thracians established their city next to the most important and highly respected mineral spring, still functioning today. Sofia has had several names in the different periods of its existence, and remnants of the city's millenary history can still be seen today alongside modern landmarks. Sofia's development as a significant settlement owes much to its central position in the Balkans. It first became part of Bulgaria during The First Bulgarian Empire in 809 and was proclaimed capital in 1879, just a year after the Bulgarian liberation from the Ottoman Empire in 1878.

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St Sofia church Sofia Palace
National theater Sofia museum
St George Sofia museum


An Excursion to the old town of Plovdiv will be organised for the course participants on 4th of June (Saturday). Please declare your intention to take part at the following e-mail: not later than 15th of May.

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe. Its picturesque location around the banks of Maritsa river and the surrounding green hills are part of its identity. Since its establishment as a city around the 6th century BC until the modern times, the city has been constantly inhabited. The ancient atmosphere of Plovdiv, its strategic location and the cultural events define it as a place of continuous meetings of cultures and civilizations. On 19 of May, 2015, Plovdiv has been awarded with the official title European Capital of Culture.

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Ancient_Theatre Ancient_Stadium
Etnographic_musium Georgiadi_house
Balabanov_house Hindliyan_house